Wet Bags Australia

Wet bags are dual-zipped pouches aimed at separating wet and soiled fabrics, clothes and items from dry ones.

They are also perfect at keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for longer. Each bag contains a wet compartment that is sealed and sewn to ensure there are no leakages, enabling you to safely separate a wet nappy or wet swimwear from dry clothes or other items that you wish to keep dry.

If you wish to use them in the fridge, you can separate vegetables from each other to ensure freshness. 

Their multi-use items that provide a convenient solution to store wet and dirty items such as nappies, bathers, breast-feeding pumping parts and other items that are prone to becoming wet or dirty. Made from 100% polyester, and coming in a range of fashionable and stylish designs, wet bags can fit three pairs of kids’ bathers or beachwear, a pair of goggles and two pairs of children’s shoes or sandals with room to spare.

They are the perfect addition to your list of ‘essentials’ for the beach, kitchen, home, shopping companion or just generally as a kids bag that you can take with you everywhere.