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Why Butterfly and Bloom?
Our goal is to be an eco-market place specialising in providing customers with incredible natural, healthy products designed and created by women in business with a strong focus on Australian made.
Products that are essential to nurture our home, body and soul. Products that are made with an eco-conscious mind.
Products that are sustainable.
Products that will nourish our souls.
I want us to come together to support each other, to create a space to learn and grow and to unite for the future of ourselves and our planet.
The change is here. I don’t know about you but I can feel it in my waters. No longer can we stand idly by and watch as the chemicals present in our beauty products are presented to us as the ‘norm’ by big brands.
No longer can we watch as someone uses ‘just one’ plastic straw.
I want a future for our planet. I want to live a healthier life.
We know better. We need to start actioning this change. Swapping one product at a time. Collectively sharing tips and ideas and most importantly, keeping it real.
Now, as a company we are young but I intend for us to grow. I want to find revolutionary women in business who are creating and changing the way we live our lives.


Hello and welcome to Butterfly and Bloom!

I am an oily loving Mumma of two amazing little ones who make me
laugh and amaze me daily. I am so blessed to have them in my life and feel
grateful everyday for the journey I am on.

 I started using essential oils when the children were babies as a
sleep association for them. However, as I learned more and more, I began to
realise not all essential oils were of the same quality. A chance encounter
with a fellow Mum I had met through Instagram led me to incorporating essential oils into our daily lives. And that was it. I was hooked. I am currently undertaking further studies at the Australian College of Aromatherapy with a special interest in using oils for health and wellbeing and Palliative care.

In addition,through my pregnancy journey, although I had been somewhat aware of the chemicals in my beauty
products, I began to learn more about our environment and the toxic chemicals
that often fill the spaces in our homes. Chemicals that are potentially causing damage to
our bodies daily. When these two precious souls finally filled our home, how could I not
be so conscious about making better choices for myself and my home?

I began slowly swapping out our chemical and toxic home for a
cleaner, safer, fresher environment. It is happening slowly and I am continuing
to experiment with different products to build a happier lifestyle for us. Through the use of these products I want to help create an atmosphere in your home of happiness, healthiness and calm.

I am so
passionate about the journey  I am on, I
love to share the knowledge I gaining with as many people as I can. And hence, Butterfly and Bloom was born.

Our goal is to allow people to make swaps within their lifestyle and home that are easy and support your overall wellness.  I hope to add more and more products as the store grows to help you continue your swap it out journey. 

Thank you for taking your time to join us and I can’t wait to see what swaps you make.


Owner Butterfly And Bloom