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Kym's Boobie Kookies

From Kookies to Confidence!
Our story dates back to September, 2016, when a local mumma and friend donated a bag of Brewers Yeast to us. That Brewers Yeast was quickly transformed into 48 deliciously soft double chocolate lactation cookies, which were dispersed to four local mums who needed a little assistance. Ten months later, on July 3rd, 2017, Kym’s Boobie Kookies opened its virtual doors.
We have grown from a small community of local mums, to an Australia wide network of breastfeeding parents and supporters. We are here to empower you to trust your bodies and arm you with the correct information to assist you with having a fantastic start to your journey; helping and supporting you is our biggest goal!
We aim to advocate and normalise breastfeeding, from Kookies to confidence, and hope you join us on this experience. From public breastfeeding to milk sharing, we want to spread the word about natural feeding, in all it’s forms. You have everything it takes to achieve everything your heart desires, but for those times when you need a little boost, Kym’s Boobie Kookies is here to supply you with tasty treats that will help you feel nourished while you focus on your little one.
Help us, help you, nourish them, while nourishing you xx