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Safari Totz

Mosquito Leather Bands

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  • Benefits of having a 2019 Mozzie Band – No need to hold your breath when you spray on repellent, just put on a fashionable band that is Eco Friendly with natural oils and watch the mozzies stay away.  
  • FLEXIBLE BRADED REPELLENT BAND –These adjustable braided bands are amazingly toxin free, deet free and Eco friendly. All-natural oils are what makes these bands unique.  
  • KEEPS THE MOSQUITOS AWAY Wearing one of these bands will chase the mosquitos away.  You won’t have to worry about an itchy bite again with long lasting protection. 
  • WHO CAN WEAR THESE –Everyone in your family can wear these Eco-Friendly leather repellent bands.  The best thing to remember, is no more spraying that strong repellent spray and no more holding your breath either. One size fit all; it will adjust to your size.  
  • WATERPROOF WITH A NON-GREASY EFFECT - You will get a full 72 hours protection with no oily feeling on your wrist, no harmful chemicals to harm your skin and no buzzing around your ears. Feel free do any outdoor activities that includes swimming. 
  • Features - Wearable on wrist, ankle, backpack, baby carriage. Made of natural essential oil. Light weight, waterproof and natural. Fine for outdoor and indoor activities. The stretch-fitted bandis perfect for thone size fits all.  
  • Product Care – Pack of 10 bands come with a resealable bag that keeps the bands fresh and gives it a longer life span. After your adventure, put the band back in the reusable bag and seal it tightly. 


  • Made with the natural oils Citronella oil. 


**Limited Quantities Left**